Artist Statement


My main themes are personal and imaginary, inspired by different people I have encountered, people in which I find the unusual and beautiful together, among them some of my family members.

I am not one of those photographers who always carry a camera with them, documenting moment after moment, I look to capture snippets of reality but then attempt to slightly alter those pieces of truth.

When I was nine years old my parents divorced, and this had an immense impact on my life. I have very few memories of my childhood, and the few memories that remain are based on old photographs I have seen and stories I have heard from my parents.

My photographs deal with childhood and family. I reconstruct situations that correspond with my childhood in some way, yet at the same time tell a universal social story.

My work is one of truth and fiction. The truth lies in the naturalness and sincerity of the children, their innocence being too great to forge, create or manipulate in a photograph. The photograph itself is the fabrication, a place that does not belong to them but to me.

Separating the children from time and place is necessary for me, although I will always search for a place that is natural for them. I often wander with my photographed subject searching for a location together. Other times I find the location first and later search for the character to suit it.

I endeavor to create a private and intimate moment that portrays the virtues of the subject before me by means of presenting his faults. In other words, I search for the "is" through the "is not".

I feel in fact that the photographed moment is not a private moment, rather a moment which deals with human weakness as it is. I experience a closeness to people while photographing them and I fall in love with them in various strange ways until they become part of me and the story I try to tell.