May 10-24, 2018, New exhibition at Galeria R+ at Szczecin, Poland.

March 9, 2017, MIA Photo Fair, with Podbielski Contemporary‎‏.Gallery, Booth Number # A 32-36

New works at Ostkreuz Postgraduiertenklasse

New article - Bild Zeitung

New article - juedische allgemeine

New article - Gente di Fotogrfia

New article - Stuttgarter Zeitung

New article - Stuttgarter Zeitung

New article - brennpunkt magazine

2015, November 26th - 2016, January 23th: New solo exhibition, Podbielski Contemporary Gallery, Berlin. Curator: Jihan Radjai

2015, October 7th - November 19th: New solo exhibition, Vhs - Photogalerie, Stuttgart, Germany. Curator: Rüdiger Flöge, Opening speech: Dr. Christiane Stahl

Huffingtonpost- new blog about "Wagenburg"

2015,January 29th - February 24th: Wagenburg, New solo exhibition, The gallery, Academy of Design and Photography, Haifa, Israel. Curator: Daniela Talmor

2015,January 29th -March 10th: Twins-Duo Morality, New solo exibition, `the Morel Derfler Gallery, Haifa, Israel. Curator: Daniela Talmor

2014, November: 24th-29th: EIN BLICK, Curator group exhibition, Gallerie Neurotitan, Berlin

2014, November 7th-9th : Artissima, Torino Represented by Podbielsky Contemporary Gallery

2014, May 31th - July 12th : "Rooms of Remembrance", new duo exhibition, with artists Leonora Hamill, in Podbielski Contemporary Gallery in Berlin.


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