The series‭ "Pandora‮"‬‭ ‬was made in Berlin over the last 3.5‭ ‬years‭, ‬I have been living here with my family for 7‭ ‬years‭. ‬I was looking for the appropriate light and places‭ (‬any place where nature wins and conquers the city‭) ‬and I found that we were surrounding by forests‭, ‬parks and fields in our day life‭ .‬Those photographed are my family and most especially my two daughters‭.‬


The series “Pandora” is opening a hatch to my past and to my childhood.     By looking to my past in a retrospective manner, I released many things that were locked in the box for years and repressed and buried under the ground deep enough that I would not have to deal with them.


‮״‬By looking at one‮!&‬s own life we repeatedly encounter the mysterious process of remembrance and suppression‭. ‬With Noga Shtainer‭, ‬homesickness includes the longing for a space we lived in the past‭, ‬which we usually‭ ‬circum‭- ‬scribe with the term childhood‭. ‬She is searching for the lost‭ - ‬the artist digs up the moments of this previous part of life that were covered up‭ ‬in one‮!&‬s memory‭. ‬In her photography she is creating poetic qualities in her pictures from which she consequently excludes any‭ ‬non-poetic items‭. ‬It‮!&‬s about the‭  ‬sentimental and oftentimes only‭     ‬weakly imprinted memories of childhood episodes which she‭ ‬brings back‭, ‬and behind which very suddenly more dark memories‭, ‬confusing phantasies and disturbing dream images pop up‭.‬

Shtainer‮!&‬s pictures are magic conjurations of a longing for a childhood that is within us while it is simultane‭- ‬ously intruded‭ ‬by dark phantasies‭. ‬The strange thing about it is that as a viewer one does not wish to evade the darkness of the pictures‭. ‬Everything seems possible in them‭, ‬the beautiful as well as the terrible‭. ‬We certainly do not flee from the scenes‭. ‬There is a hallucinatory pull in them that draws us deeper and‭   ‬deeper into the spheres of the inexplicable‭. ‬More and more we get entangled in‭ ‬the pictures only to move out of the magical landscapes the photographer spread out before us all dazed in the end‭. ‬Yet‭, ‬Noga Shtainer‮!&‬s stagings invite the onlooker‭: ‬one can return whenever one wants‭. ‬Her pictures keep the door to buried memories opened‭ ‬a crack‭...״

‭                         ‬

‭                                                                                 ‬‭     (‬Curator and writer Peter Lindhorst‭, ‬2017‭).‬